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Hillburn DWI and Criminal Defense Lawyer

DWI Defense for Misdemeanor or Felony DWI Charges in Hillburn

Have you been caught in the criminal justice system on a DWI offense? You are probably aware that this is a serious legal problem. Our state has some of the most severe punishments for drunk driving charges of any state in the country. A first time misdemeanor DWI, if you are convicted, can have penalties including fines up to $1,000, up to 12 months in jail, and a 6 month revocation of your driver's license. I have been involved in the DWI legal process in several capacities.

Former Head of the DWI Bureau

Earlier in my career, I served as a Senior Deputy District Attorney, and headed up the DWI Bureau. I have trained DWI prosecutors, and have learned all there is to know about how the state will pursue your conviction. I have now turned to private practice, and my focus is on defending those who have been arrested and charged with DWI. My firm has years of experience and an impressive record at trial. I believe that every client deserves top quality, individual service, and every one of my clients is handled by a lawyer throughout the entire process. I focus on getting results, and I have extensive knowledge about how to achieve a favorable outcome in court. My firm, the Law Office of Brian Berkowitz, is recognized as an aggressive DWI defense law firm. I am prepared to assist you on an immediate basis. Contact a Hillburn DWI attorney from my firm at once if you or your loved one has been arrested.

I represent those that are facing criminal accusations related to DWI, including but not limited to aggravated DWI, defending those with multiple DWIs, or people accused of DWI & drugs, underage DUI, or many other DWI offenses. There are several DWI defenses that may be successful in your case; you deserve to have a full case review before you plead guilty. You may have opportunities that could allow you to walk away with the charges dismissed. The DWI penalties are extremely harsh in New York, and your future freedom could be at risk. There are also hidden costs, such as transportation costs and increased insurance rates. I know the errors that can occur in the administration or testing procedures for breath and blood tests and field sobriety tests, and if errors have occurred, I will aggressively challenge the evidence in court. I represent my clients in all DWI hearings, speeding and traffic tickets, and in criminal defense.

If you are in trouble with the law on a DWI charge, you need to act quickly. It is imperative that you have quality legal representation working for you immediately. My firm is focused on DWI defense, and has many years of success in this area of the law. I also have developed many resources that could be valuable in some cases, such as private accident investigators and other expert witnesses that could be accessed when the case would benefit. Essentially, I do everything possible to help my clients fight back. You need an attorney and you need one that has extensive experience in DWI defense. Get in touch with my firm immediately after your arrest.

Contact a Hillburn DWI lawyer from our firm for immediate assistance for your defense.

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