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Rockland County Marijuana Crimes Lawyer

Fight Your Marijuana Possession Charge with Proven Counsel

While we're seeing a gradual shift across the country on the legality of marijuana, it still remains a controlled substance here in New York. Simply being found with it in your possession is enough to yield significant penalties and a criminal record. If you have been charged, then the time to start exploring your defense options is now.

At the Law Office of Brian Berkowitz, I have seen how simple marijuana possession charges can interrupt the lives of citizens from every walk of life. I believe that these accused individuals deserve to have their rights spoken for before a criminal justice system that still trying to calibrate its approach to drug-related crimes. I can ensure that any weakness in the case against you is aggressively pursued and that you receive every consideration you deserve both in and outside of the courtroom.

You do not have to face your marijuana possession charge without a proven legal advocate by your side. Contact my firm at 845.638.9200 today.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession in New York

In recent years, the state of New York has come to realize that marijuana is fairly common and possession of it does not necessarily always call for criminal charges. However, even these small infractions have the potential for repeat offenses and can culminate to serious criminal penalties.

Marijuana possession penalties in New York can include:

  • 25 g or less (1st offense): $100 fine
  • 25 g or less (2nd offense): $200 fine
  • 25 g or less (3rd offense): $250 fine
  • More than 25 g up to 2 oz: $500 fine and 3 months in jail
  • More than 2 oz up to 8 oz: $1,000 fine and 1 year in jail
  • More than 8 oz up to 1 lb: $5,000 fine and 4 years in prison
  • More than 1 lb up to 10 lb: $5,000 fine and years in prison
  • More than 10 lb: $15,000 fine and 15 years in prison

It is worth noting that having marijuana in public view is also considered a separate misdemeanor that can result in $250 in fines and 90 days in jail. All of the penalties here are maximum sentences that can come with these convictions—so lesser consequences and even acquittals and dismissals can be possible with the right legal counsel.

It is possible to face these charges with a capable Rockland County marijuana crimes attorney in your corner. Use my online form to request a case evaluation today.

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