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Violating Probation in Rockland County

Rockland County Criminal Defense Attorney

Probation is the option granted by a judge for a convicted criminal to avoid jail time by following specific court-ordered terms. These court ordered terms may include:

  • Performing public service work
  • Abstaining from alcohol
  • Paying fines
  • Attending therapy or rehabilitation
  • Reporting to a probation officer

Violating probation is a serious offense that occurs when an individual breaks the terms or conditions of his or her probation. Violation can occur in a variety of ways because the terms of probation are different in every case, and conviction for this offense can cause the individual to be sentenced to jail time for the original term. Probation violations include:

  • Missing a scheduled court appearance
  • Failing to report to a probation officer
  • Failing to pay court-ordered fines or restitutions
  • Using illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Committing other crimes

Consequences of a Probation Violation

Depending on factors such as the severity and type of violation as well as the past probation violations, a parole officer can issue a warning or a probation hearing where he or she will request a penalty. In a probation hearing, a prosecutor will need to prove that a violation was more than 50 percent likely. If you are convicted of a violation, you may be sentenced by a judge to a variety of penalties, including mandatory community service, rehabilitation or "boot camp", large fines, restitution and jail time. The judge considers many factors when determining sentences. These factors include:

  • The nature of the offense
  • The number of times the crime was committed
  • The emotional and mental state of the violator

The penalties for probation violation are serious, and it is best to have a strong defense in a probation hearing. If you have been summoned to appear in court for a probation hearing, you should consult a qualified Rockland criminal defense lawyer to help defend your freedom.

Did you violate probation in Rockland County, NY?

It is important to know that you have the right to be represented in court by an attorney who can assist you in presenting evidence and witnesses to build a strong defense for your probation hearing. I can help make sure your rights, which include the right to receive written notices of the probation violation you have been accused of, are not violated. Having worked for the Rockland County District Attorney's Office as a prosecutor and Senior Assistant District Attorney, I have inside knowledge of the criminal justice system. Because I trained other prosecutors, I know how the prosecution builds cases and can craft strong defenses for my clients. If you have been accused of violating your probation, complete a free case evaluation to learn more about your rights and legal options today!

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