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DWI Defenses

Rockland County DWI Attorney

Many ways exist to defend a DWI case in Rockland County, New York. If you have been arrested and charged with a DWI, you don't have to give up and plead guilty without a fight. You have a legal right to your day in court and, with the help of an experienced and organized DWI attorney, you may be able to avoid a conviction, get the charges and penalties reduced, and create less of a negative impact on your life. I urge you to contact me as a Rockland County DWI lawyer who focuses his practice primarily on DWI defense and who has extensive experience as a former prosecutor handling DWI cases in this county. I know how the prosecution approaches and builds DWI cases and can use this inside knowledge to help defend you. DWI cases are often very technical in nature and it is important that you place your case in the hands of an attorney like myself who has familiarity with the science and the ever-changing DWI laws.

Some of the issues that I will investigate in building your defense are the initial stop of your vehicle, as in why were you stopped by law enforcement in the first place. Was there a reasonable justification for the stop? What kind of field sobriety tests were administered and were they administered properly? Field sobriety tests are known to be unreliable indicators of intoxication through many studies. Furthermore, the accuracy of a breath test can be challenged based on when the breath test was given and the maintenance and accuracy of the equipment used. Blood tests can also be shown to be inaccurately administered when proper protocol is not followed. Independent witnesses to the incident may also provide evidence in your favor. Improper procedure on the part of the arresting officer, such as failing to give Miranda warnings and other improper procedure may arise as possible defense factors. Medical and other physical conditions can also affect the results of field sobriety tests and possibly breathe tests.

As your Rockland County DWI attorney, I will investigate every aspect of your DWI arrest to find weaknesses in the case, which can be used in your defense. Because I am so familiar with this field, I know what to look for and how to challenge DWI cases of all kinds.

Contact the Rockland County DWI Lawyer at the firm today for DWI defense in any type of DWI case in Rockland County.

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