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If you need legal assistance fighting a traffic ticket in Rockland County, please contact me to arrange a consultation about your citation as soon as possible. As a Rockland County traffic ticket lawyer, I can help you minimize the impact that a speeding ticket may have on your driver's license and auto insurance rates.

I can review your case and evaluate how best to proceed with an understanding of what your objectives are with regard to the ticket you received.

In most cases, hiring me to handle your traffic ticket will dispense with the need
for you to ever personally appear in Court.

New York Speeding Laws

As one of the most common moving violations, there were over 690,000 speeding tickets issued by State, County, NYPD, and Local police in the State of New York through the duration of the calendar year 2015. More than half of these are issued by State Police. They take speeding pretty seriously in New York, and if you're not careful, you could face jail time.

Penalties for speeding increase alongside the alleged speed at which you were traveling:

  • 1-10 MPH Over: $45-$150 in fines (3 points on your license)
  • 11-30 MPH Over: $90-$300 in fines and up to 15 days in jail (4-6 points on your license)
  • 31+ MPH Over: $180-$600 in fines and up to 30 days in jail (8-11 points on your license)
  • You can even get a ticket for driving slower than conditions permit.

Sometimes, police officers tack on a mile per hour or two onto your ticket just to make for a higher fine going toward the County. Don't let this happen to you. Put a lawyer on your side. Keep in mind that your presence in the courtroom is not necessary! I can appear for you and dispute the ticket while you continue your daily routine!

Why should you fight your traffic ticket?

If you do nothing about your traffic violation, other than pay the fines and mail it in, you are pleading guilty to the offense you have been accused of in your citation. You do have the right to defend yourself in court and fight the citation that can have damaging impacts on your driver's license.

I can help you by presenting your case in court or negotiating a reduction of the charges which may help reduce the impact on your driver's license. As your traffic citations mount, so too do the points on your driving record. If you accrue 3 speeding convictions or 11 points on your driving record, within an 18 month period, your license may be suspended by the DMV.

In addition to any fines, fees, penalties, or surcharges you may have to pay for a traffic citation, you may have to pay a driver responsibility assessment to the DMV for 3 years. Those who are required to do so include anyone convicted of an alcohol-related traffic violation, drug-related traffic violation, anyone who refused to take a chemical test, or anyone who receives 6 or more points on their driving record during a period of 18 months. The amount you will be required to pay will depend on the type of violation you are convicted of and the number of traffic violation points you have accrued on your record. Those who accumulate 6 points in an 18 month period, receive a DRA of $100.00 a year for three years. Each additional point accumulated during the 18 month period is assessed as an additional $25.00 per year, for three years. If you do not pay this assessment, your license will be suspended.

If you wish to fight your traffic ticket, having my legal assistance as a Rockland County traffic ticket attorney, can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Contact the Rockland County Traffic Ticket Lawyer at the firm today if you need legal assistance with any type of traffic citation in Rockland County.

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